WAZP Electric Drift Trike


The WAZP Model with Filp Flop Paint - Goes from Green to Blue in the sunlight.Perfection for drifting with optional PVC pipes, but just as much fun without for buzzing around the track:

  • 48 volt 3 kilo-watt motor
  • Two 48 volt lithium batteries
  • 32 MPH high torque or 48 MPH high speed
  • 20 mile range or 138 laps on 1/8 mile track
  • Forward and reverse button
  • Powder coat paint & anodize aluminum
  • Stainless steel front forks
  • Aluminum wheels front and back
  • Hydraulic front disc brakes
  • Battery level indicator
  • Adjustable small, medium & large seats to choose from
  • Optional PVC drifting pipes for rear tires