Support & FAQ


Software Download for:  WAZ PROGRAM 2.0  |  WAZP Program V3.3

(Updated on July 1, 2013)


How come the catalog only shows $1,000 deposit?

The base model of the WAZP or WAZ is $6,000 however we only ask for a $1,000 to put your order into our production schedule.  Once we’re ready to begin building your bike, we ask for a 50% payment of the total order.

What if I have specific requests on my order?

Each order that comes in through our website is followed up for confirmation of your details and accessories. You’ll have the opportunity to go through your order before we pick up a single tool to start building.

How long will it take to build?

Typical trike production takes four weeks, dependent on supplier deliveries.  Some things are just out of our control, but we will notify you right away of any production delays.  We’re a professional manufacturer and we will not leave you hanging.

Do  you take care of shipping my trike?

Unfortunately, the shipping is so unique to each buyer’s needs, we leave that part up to you.  Some of you are local to our shop and some live miles away.  We will put your trike on a pallet and load it up to your delivery truck for a flat rate of $75.00.

Those Drifting Tubes are cool! Are they included?

Not everyone wants to drift the WAZP, so we decided not to include it.  For $40.00 we’ll set you up and if you need replacements, we’ve got you covered with the perfect fit.