Getting Ready for Our Big Debut!

IMG_20130627_104138_476Everyone who comes by the shop gets so excited to have a WAZP of their own and with the upcoming debut of The Waz we’re even more pumped.  She’s looking great with her ‘flip-flop’ paint job which you have to see in person to truly appreciate how it goes from blue to green.

We’ve been having a bit of fun testing out the wheelie bar and we’ll be posting photos and/or video real soon.  Right now, we’re busy getting ready to roll The Waz out at the upcoming Red Bull Wake Open in Tampa on July 5 & 6.  We’ll be riding around checking out the wakeboarding and showing off our electric trikes.  Be sure to stop us and say ‘hi’.  There might even be a little surprise in it for you if you catch us early on.

We’ve got our online store ready to take deposits if you’re ready to buzz around the track on your own WAZP.  If you have questions about how to order feel free to call us at 954-688-3417.  We’ve also added a FAQ page that hopefully answers some of the most common questions.